maandag 2 oktober 2017


Last weekend in Veere. Watching boats, a picnic in the rain and
choosing sweets in Oma's candy shop.

donderdag 21 september 2017

buni jezerce

Buni Jezerce, Prokletije, Albanië (1796m)

A year later, an other place; Jonas name, made by his godmother,
in a beautiful deserted landscape. What a birthday gift!

dinsdag 19 september 2017

for jonas

Jonas turned two today. He was so happy with his visitors, the presents
and his pancakes!
One year ago.
Two years ago.
Time is flying!

dinsdag 12 september 2017


Some pictures from the last days of holiday, when we went to my dad's 

maandag 11 september 2017

wedding (gifts)

Some pictures from the wedding day.
- the dance floor before the party, populair by the children (3)
- delicious dessert made by Brood en Bloemen. (5)

Some Japanese wedding gifts (from people who know how much I love 
- Japanese ceramics for Jonas (1)
- Japanese towel for bath and spa (4)
- Mt. Fuji diy (6)
- Japanese ceramic plate (7)

vrijdag 8 september 2017


I have been out for a long time... 
First there was no time because of the wedding preparations,
then no time because of the "clean up" and 
last week too busy with the start of the new school year.
But I'm really happy to be back, I missed blogging so much!

dinsdag 15 augustus 2017

catching the light

Last weekend we started cleaning up the barn. We planned the dancing
party of our wedding at that location. There is still a lot of work to do...

donderdag 10 augustus 2017

vrijdag 4 augustus 2017

our residence in vilnius

We are going to a wedding in Vilnius, on Saturday. 
During three days, we are staying in an appartement on the tenth floor. 
I love this place! A stunning view, minimalistic furniture 
and a beautiful color palet.